07/09 VA MR: Hemoptysis

For your review of this very broad topic. Stay tuned for a TB lecture on it own. Best problem synthesis as determined by Dr. Martinez was House Lannister. Tyrell got the last differential and Baratheon stole the final diagnosis. 070918 Morning Report

07/05 VA MR: Chest Pain

Great job today Evan and Jordan! Bread and butter case with a general overview of the guidelines. For your review: 070518 VA MR Chest Pain.

07/03 BSW MR: Bootcamp Pulmonary Embolisms and Pleural Effusions

Intern Bootcamp Presentation by Dr. Bretzing for your review: Pulmonary Embolism Pleural Effusion Bootcamp

07/03 VA MR: Abdominal Pain

One of our chiefs is particularly pleased that we’ve started with a theme of digestive disease complaints. Thanks to everyone that participated! Dr. Robinson did a great job covering the basics of approach (070318 Morning Report) and talking in depth about the diagnosis. We especially loved the guidelines, role of antibiotics and role of surgery …

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07/03 BSW NC: 1909 Follow Up

As discussed by Dr. Lipatov at noon conference on 07/02 and 07/03. We hope this helps you get ready for the night!  07/03 Noon Conference Р1909 Follow Up

Class of 2018 Graduation Pictures

These just in. They may look a bit better over the fireplace zoomed in and with a little cropping. Regardless, we wanted to put them in polaroid view for your viewing pleasure.    

07/02 BSW MR: Kaposi’s Sarcoma

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first-morning report at BSW! You can find a great review on Kaposi’s Sarcoma here. Furthermore, Dr. Whitehurst has provided her powerpoint for review as well. 07/02 BSW MR: Kaposi’s Sarcoma

Protected: 07/02 VA MR: Lower GI Bleed

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VA Document Updates

Greetings all – We’ve cleaned out a few links from the VA Documents tab and added Dr. Desai’s ‘CPRS How To’ guide. This document is also available in the S Drive at the VA. Furthermore, we’ve added the VA 2018 Admissions Rotation schedule under the ‘Schedules’ tab of the website. You can also find these …

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New Intern Survival Guide

  What a wave of information on Wednesday. Please take some time to review the presentation from that day and send the Chiefs any questions you have. Good luck this year! Intern Survival Guide