07/23 Noon Conference

07/23 VA MR: Plasma Cell Leukemia (Starr Morning Report)

Dr. Akers was kind enough to take leave from paternity duties this morning and share a unique  case of multiple myeloma progressing aggressively to plasma cell leukemia. The powerpoint is available for your review in addition to some literature Dr. Akers came across. 0723 VA MR Plasma Cell Leukemia de Larrea 2013 – Plasma Cell …

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07/19 VA MR: Spinal Abscess

Dr. Ochoa presented an interesting case of neck pain with a slight twist. For your review: 071918 VA MR Spinal Abscess 2014 Literature Review of Spinal Abscess Management

Protected: 07/17 BSW NC: Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology with Dr. Murchison

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Protected: 07/16 VA MR: Jeapordy

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

07/12 VA MR: Cellulitis

  Copy of the VA Antibiogram 2018. To check for updates in CPRS, go to Tools, Pathology and Labrotory Medicine, and click on Antibiogram. An Excel sheet should load up. PowerPoint for your review: 071218 VA MR Report Additionally, links to the articles Drs. Ochoa and Povian discussed: Role of Beta Hemolytic Strep in Causing Diffuse …

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07/11 VA MR: Hyponatremia

For your review: VA Wards MR Hyponatremia Great work Drs. Payne and Worah. For more on the topic, Joel Topf, MD has a blog all about precious bodily fluids. He also gave a solid interview on Curbsiders some time ago. Enjoy!

07/10 VA MR: Pulmonary Embolus

Great job by Drs. Moslander and Robinson in the review of pulmonary embolus. Lots more to discuss on the topic but here’s the power-point for your review:  7/10 VA MR: Pulmonary Embolus

07/09 VA MR: Hemoptysis

For your review of this very broad topic. Stay tuned for a TB lecture on it own. Best problem synthesis as determined by Dr. Martinez was House Lannister. Tyrell got the last differential and Baratheon stole the final diagnosis. 070918 Morning Report

07/05 VA MR: Chest Pain

Great job today Evan and Jordan! Bread and butter case with a general overview of the guidelines. For your review: 070518 VA MR Chest Pain.