Resident Spotlight – Ali Bejcek



Good job Kelsey Reely for finishing his Capstone Project!

Coming to a Virtual Meeting Near You! Mini-Series on Contracts, Insurance and Liability

Great job @amandabethhill Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks regarding Employee Contracts.

Introductory Ultrasound Training with Dr. Scholz

Don't Henpeck!

Sage Advice

Spring Retreat

Save the date for a resident and family spring retreat!  

Holiday party

Please join us for food and festivities at our annual holiday party Thursday, Dec 12 from 11am-1pm. Bring a $20 (approximate) gift for the residency gift exchange. See newsletter for full details. Lunch is catered, however, deserts are not. Please plan to bring a dessert to share with your colleagues.

Fall Resident Outing at the McNeal’s

Another resident outing is planned for Saturday, November 9 from 2pm-6pm at the McNeal’s house. Last year’s event was a great time for all. Families are welcome. Look for full details in the resident newsletter and please try to RSVP for an estimate of food.

Resident Retreat Video

Missed the resident retreat? That’s OK, we know some of you had to work or already had other plans. Check out this drone video of some of the fun! (click on post title to view video)

Cornhole Competition Winners

Bryce nearly single-handedly took the crown for Baratheon as they went 4-0. Winners are: Baratheon Stark Tie for 3rd: Lannister Targaryen Tyrell