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VA Research Contacts

Drs. DeMorrow (, McMillin ( and Francis ( are great resources for Gastroenterology Research. They have been an integral part of helping our residents go to major conferences and get into journals. Dr. Dostal’s lab ( is a new opportunity for us at the VA. His expertise is in Molecular Cardiology and he would love …

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08/08 VA MR: Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

080818 VA MR AIHA AIHA Diagnosis and Treatment Review

08/02 VA MR: Large Bowel Obstruction

Great job by all the Houses in working towards the final diagnosis. Special thanks to Team 3 (Drs. Walker, Yang and Mahran) for touching on cognitive biases as well as the approach to diagnosing a large bowel obstruction. 080218 VA MR Large Bowel Obstruction

08/01 VA MR: Lithium Toxicity

Thanks for the unique case Drs. Stephenson and Blaney. For everyone’s review: 080118 VA MR Lithium Toxicity

07/31 VA MR: Hyperthyroidism

Thank you Drs. Mondragon and Sinnett for presenting a  hyperthyroid case with common physical exam findings to look out for. Please see below for the powerpoint in addition to a review article as well as a recent publication in NEJM on subclinical hyperthyroidism. 0731 VA MR Hyperthyroidism Lanct 2016 – Hyperthyroidism Review NEJM 2018 – …

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Protected: 07/30 VA MR Jeopardy Review

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07/26 VA MR: Upper GI Bleed

Please look over Dr. Fleenor’s slides for your review. In addition, you can look through the 2012 ACG ulcer bleeding management guidelines. 0726 VA MR Upper GI Bleed ACG Management of Patients With Ulcer Bleeding (2012)  

Protected: Joint Patient Safety Reporting System at the VA

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Protected: 07/25 VA MR: ABPA with Dr. Carlin

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VA Telemetry Announcement

Starting Monday, July 30 the nursing staff will have a copy of all the patients on telemetry in the IDT room.  Please pick up your team’s copy and review this to determine if your patients still need telemetry.  Also, nursing is to discuss with you the need for continued telemetry on all your patients that …

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