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08/20 VA MR: Vertebral Osteomyelitis

  8/20 VA MR: Vertebral Osteomyelitis – Heavener Additional literature for your review: IDSA Guidelines for delayed antibiotics in stable patients so you can get tissue biopsy Review on infectious organisms/etiologies

08/16 VA MR: Gout

  081618 VA MR Gout

08/15 VA MR: Symptomatic Bradycardia

  08/15 VA MR Symptomatic Bradycardia Review on alpha receptor agonist toxicity from STATPEARLS  

Protected: 08/14 VA MR: Rapid Fire Review with Dr. Metting

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Protected: 08/09 VA MR: Metastatic Calcinosis Cutis

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VA Research Contacts

Drs. DeMorrow (, McMillin ( and Francis ( are great resources for Gastroenterology Research. They have been an integral part of helping our residents go to major conferences and get into journals. Dr. Dostal’s lab ( is a new opportunity for us at the VA. His expertise is in Molecular Cardiology and he would love …

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08/08 VA MR: Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

080818 VA MR AIHA AIHA Diagnosis and Treatment Review

08/02 VA MR: Large Bowel Obstruction

Great job by all the Houses in working towards the final diagnosis. Special thanks to Team 3 (Drs. Walker, Yang and Mahran) for touching on cognitive biases as well as the approach to diagnosing a large bowel obstruction. 080218 VA MR Large Bowel Obstruction

08/01 VA MR: Lithium Toxicity

Thanks for the unique case Drs. Stephenson and Blaney. For everyone’s review: 080118 VA MR Lithium Toxicity

07/31 VA MR: Hyperthyroidism

Thank you Drs. Mondragon and Sinnett for presenting a  hyperthyroid case with common physical exam findings to look out for. Please see below for the powerpoint in addition to a review article as well as a recent publication in NEJM on subclinical hyperthyroidism. 0731 VA MR Hyperthyroidism Lanct 2016 – Hyperthyroidism Review NEJM 2018 – …

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