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Lung Cancer Screening Tips

  Make sure you’re screening (appropriate patients)! For more info on lung cancer screening checkout this PDF by ABIM/Choosing Wisely:

VA Logos for Posters


VA Pest Control

  Should you come across some unexpected companions while at the VA (of the vermin, insect, or slithering kind) you can submit a pest control request via the VA portal. Click here to start a request Click ‘Start a New Request’ You name should auto-populate, select ‘Education’ as the service Leave the priority as normal …

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Curbside Consults

Some notable articles on using curbside consults when taking care of patients. Is there room for curbside consults in good medical care? As long as the question is simple and straight forward, but discussions lasting beyond a few moments it’s always preferred to put in a formal consult. Curbside Consultations The Good, the Bad, and …

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Using VA Pagers

Instructions on how to page someone with a VA Pager: Call 43369 and follow instructions to enter the pager number e.g. 661 followed by a # and then STATE the message and then # again. You will get the message that the page has been sent.  

Upcoming Change to CLC Consults at the VA

  The CLC is hoping to streamline the assessment/transfer process with a new consult order: GEC Community Living Center Consult Training Aid. Before the process goes live they were hoping to preview the process with all VA providers.

Updated Joint Patient Safety Reporting

  Our thanks to Dr. Hall for making this available. If you’re having any difficulty with submitting these reports, let Drs. Khan, Hall, or Martinez know and we can lend a hand. Joint Patient Safety Reporting Education (Updated)

Online CPRS Tutorial

  In case you were wanting extra training with CPRS, the VA office has started to formalize the process and has this aid for new (and returning) residents. CPRS Online Training

Updating VA Contact Information

This year it has become VA policy that each provider have a working contact number for emergencies. As such, several personal cell phone numbers were placed (taken from your VA application). The VA directory is only accessible to VA employees and any abuse of this system should be reported. If you would like to change …

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Forwarding VA Phones

Forwarding on the VA Samsung phones: Select the phone icon Select settings (the 3 dots on the upper right corner) Select More Settings Select Call forwarding Select Always forward and enter the phone number you want calls to go to and then select turn on.   To cancel call forwarding, repeat the above steps, but …

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