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State of the Residency

Doctor Metting recently gave a his annual State of the Residency Address, in which many questions were answered and people felt well informed on important topics, such as the upcoming ACGME Annual Survey, future social events, how milestones work, and the fact that we will soon have meal credit at Subway! (Contains 1 attachments.)

Protected: Upcoming Interview Dinners!

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07/23 Noon Conference

Protected: 06/20 Newsletter

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Scheduling Powerpoint

If you missed the scheduling presentation at Morning Report on 04/18/18, feel free to download it here! Be sure to review it in presentation mode for a full explanation of the process.

Wellness Decathlon Results!

    ┬áCongratulations to all cohorts that participated in this years Wellness Decathlon! We are pleased to announce that all the points of the events have been compiled and the winners of the competition are as follows: 1st: Targaryen 2nd: Lannister 3rd: Tyrell 4th: Stark 5th: Baratheon   We will add the points for each …

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ACGME Wellness Flyer

BSW Research Day

White Elephant Holiday Luau Dec 14!

Pet Therapy!

As part of our Wellness Curriculum this year, we have added weekly pet therapy! Many of our residents asked this year if we could incorporate pet therapy into our Wellness program and well here you have it! We are very grateful to be able to introduce y’all to Charley! She will be coming to the …

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