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07/02 BSW MR: Kaposi’s Sarcoma

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first-morning report at BSW! You can find a great review on Kaposi’s Sarcoma here. Furthermore, Dr. Whitehurst has provided her powerpoint for review as well. 07/02 BSW MR: Kaposi’s Sarcoma

Protected: 07/02 VA MR: Lower GI Bleed

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Morning Report Template

Please review the following MR Template Dr. Lipatov has endorsed for this year.

We beg to DIFFer

Thanks to Drs. Bautista and Metting on B team for sharing their C. Diff case. Attached is the 2013 C Diff Guidelines from the ACG. IDSA recently updated their guidelines which also placed an emphasis on PO Vanc as first line therapy for the majority of C. Diff cases. (Contains 1 attachments.)

Q Fever – Late to the Party – VA MR (043018)

We’ve all been there. That lingering lab that you’re sure is going to be negative. In this case, Dr. Simon presents a case of FUO with serologies returning as Q Fever. “Endocarditis is the most commonly identified manifestation of chronic Q fever and is fatal if untreated” but only 12% of cases have evidence of …

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Nivo Induced MG and Myositis – VA MR (050218)

Our thanks to¬† Dr. Khalaf and VA Team 2 for putting together this very interesting case of a PD-1 inhibitor leading to immune-associated adverse effect. We’d also like to give a shoutout to Jonny Espinoza for helping put the powerpoint together. (Contains 1 attachments.)

DOAC Review – VA MR (042518)

  If you didn’t get to join us at the VA this morning you really missed out. Sydney (PGY1 with Pharmacy) did a solid job reviewing DOACs and some high points. She’ll be joining us at BSW next year for her Pharmacy PGY2 year. Enjoy! (Contains 1 attachments.)