Category: Infectious DIsease

08/20 VA MR: Vertebral Osteomyelitis

  8/20 VA MR: Vertebral Osteomyelitis – Heavener Additional literature for your review: IDSA Guidelines for delayed antibiotics in stable patients so you can get tissue biopsy Review on infectious organisms/etiologies

07/19 VA MR: Spinal Abscess

Dr. Ochoa presented an interesting case of neck pain with a slight twist. For your review: 071918 VA MR Spinal Abscess 2014 Literature Review of Spinal Abscess Management

07/12 VA MR: Cellulitis

  Copy of the VA Antibiogram 2018. To check for updates in CPRS, go to Tools, Pathology and Labrotory Medicine, and click on Antibiogram. An Excel sheet should load up. PowerPoint for your review: 071218 VA MR Report Additionally, links to the articles Drs. Ochoa and Povian discussed: Role of Beta Hemolytic Strep in Causing Diffuse …

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Q Fever – Late to the Party – VA MR (043018)

We’ve all been there. That lingering lab that you’re sure is going to be negative. In this case, Dr. Simon presents a case of FUO with serologies returning as Q Fever. “Endocarditis is the most commonly identified manifestation of chronic Q fever and is fatal if untreated” but only 12% of cases have evidence of …

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