VA Pest Control


Should you come across some unexpected companions while at the VA (of the vermin, insect, or slithering kind) you can submit a pest control request via the VA portal.

Click here to start a request

  1. Click ‘Start a New Request’
  2. You name should auto-populate, select ‘Education’ as the service
  3. Leave the priority as normal unless you think it’s a biblical-level problem
  4. Title the note, then select ‘Pest Control’ in Step 2. Click ‘Click Here to Proceed.’
  5. Fill a few more questions out. Select ‘Temple’ as the location. The hospital is building ‘204’
  6. Fill out the location details
  7. Fill out the pest details and a short description
  8. You can put your number down, 254-534-0469 or ext 40933 as the contact info
  9. Click ‘Next Question,’ this should take you to a page with the form filled out
  10. Review the form and hit ‘Submit a request.’


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