Updating VA Contact Information

This year it has become VA policy that each provider have a working contact number for emergencies. As such, several personal cell phone numbers were placed (taken from your VA application). The VA directory is only accessible to VA employees and any abuse of this system should be reported. If you would like to change your contact information, we suggest adding your primary contact information as your Scott and White pager with this format:

254-724-7508*#### (with your four digit pager following the star)

Your office number can be Dr. Martinez’ office number (254-534-0469). He will be able to redirect the call to the attending of record. You can review how to change your numbers with the following methods:


(Vista R2 is an icon you can click on in the CTX – GUI executables folder on the desktop)

If you have trouble making the changes, contact Shamyal or visit the VA Chief Office.


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