Moonlighting Tips for Cross Cover

The hospitalists and PA’s wanted to thank everyone for their help on the 6P-12A cross cover shifts. The high volume time that we cover allows the hospitalist group to finish their day shifts and focus on evening admissions. As a reminder we wanted to share some minimal expectations for the shift:

  • Arrive early or on time and roll the pagers 2367 and 7822 into your pager. Page yourself to check if they’ve been rolled if the pager office doesn’t send a test page.
  • Keep notes on a scratch piece of paper or notepad so you can keep track of events and so you have an aid to give a good check out at 12A.
  • If assessing a patient at the bedside, drop a short progress note describing what you observed and if the treatment plan changed.
  • For significant events such as acute mental changes, death, or Dr. Rapids you must write a note
  • Checkout before you leave to the oncoming PA either via phone or in person.


How to be an all-star:

  • Go in for a face to face checkout at 6P and 12A. The PA’s carrying the pager can be found on the fourth floor not far from the hospitalist offices on the 4th floor (where you turn in your sheets). This allows better time for both parties to ask questions and for clarifications.
  • Even though you are ‘covering,’ take ownership of these patients and your decisions. If you need help reach out to the MICU or CVICU. Its a humbling experience to be unsure of yourself but there are several doctors in the hospital (and at home) who are willing to help.
  • Keep your notes on decisions and patients that were in “the gray area” for you. Do a chart check the next morning to see the benefits and consequences of your actions.


While there is clear monetary gain for working these shifts, the residency hopes that they enhance your educational experience and aren’t a strain on your responsibilities. Thanks again for your help!




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