VA Research Contacts

  1. Drs. DeMorrow (, McMillin ( and Francis ( are great resources for Gastroenterology Research. They have been an integral part of helping our residents go to major conferences and get into journals.
  2. Dr. Dostal’s lab ( is a new opportunity for us at the VA. His expertise is in Molecular Cardiology and he would love to work with residents in getting a publication or presentation.
  3. Dr. Jinadatha ( is always willing to take residents during their elective time to work on a case or even larger projects. While he is an ID doctor he also has an interest in Pulmonary cases. He’s very goal oriented and can work with your schedule to help you publish. He has several of his own projects if you’re in need of a place to start.
  4. Dr. Hall ( has access to several clinical questions being asked at the VA and may have projects throughout the year he will need help with. He can also help you refine a research question for a QI project you’re coming up with on your own.

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