ITE Instructions

Conference Center Building 2

Room 215  ( we will then divide you into 2 rooms)

Arrive promptly at 8:00 AM

The exam will consist as follows:

Six exam sections consisting of 50 items each with 70 minutes allowed for each section.

Four ten minute breaks between section 1, 2,4 and 5 (all optional)

One 60 minute lunch break allowed after section 3 (also optional)

You may choose to bring a lunch with you. There will be a side counter for you to place your lunch while you take the exam.  There is also a break room on the premises. Otherwise do not bring anything with you.

The following items are not permitted.  If you bring any of the following items to the exam, they  will be taken and stored in our residency office for you to retrieve after completion of the exam.

  • Cell Phones
  • Pagers
  • IPads/tablets/computers
  • IPods, radios, or media devices
  • Calculators (a calculator is built into the exam for examinee use)
  • Recording/filming devices
  • Beverages or food of any type
  • Reference Materials (books, notes, papers)
  • Watches with alarms, computer or memory capabilities
  • Backpacks, briefcases, luggage
  • Coats, outer jackets or headwear

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