07/12 VA MR: Cellulitis


Copy of the VA Antibiogram 2018. To check for updates in CPRS, go to Tools, Pathology and Labrotory Medicine, and click on Antibiogram. An Excel sheet should load up.

PowerPoint for your review: 071218 VA MR Report

Additionally, links to the articles Drs. Ochoa and Povian discussed:

  1. Role of Beta Hemolytic Strep in Causing Diffuse Non-culturable  Cellulitis – Jeng 2010
  2. MRSA Infections among Patients in the ED – Moran 2006
  3. Comparison of the Nephrotoxicity of Vancomycin in Combination with Cefepime, Meropenem, or Zosyn – Mullins 2018

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