Call Schedule

VA Call Schedule:

The VA call schedule allows for admission of up to 4 admissions in a 24 hour period per team. The night float residents will admit 4 admissions to be distributed in the morning to the 3 teaching teams. Depending on the amount of patients admitted overnight, day call teams can accept up to 4 admissions. The cap for these teams is 18 patients. Typically the census is between 12-16 patients per team. Teams are made up of medical students, pharmacy students, 2-3 interns and 1 PGY2 upper level resident. Teaching teams are staffed by VA hospitalists and chief residents.


On the weekends and holidays, the early call and late call teams each take 2 admissions from overnight and 3 admissions during the day for 5 admissions total. The post call team does not take any admissions and goes home at noon. The late call team performs cross cover for the post call team.




Early Call Team

Late Call Team

Post Call Team


2 admissions

1 admission

1 admission

8 AM

2 admissions

No admissions

3 admissions

9 AM

10 AM

11 AM

12 PM

1 PM

2 PM

3 PM

No admissions

3 admissions

No admissions

4 PM

5 PM

6 PM



S&W Call Schedule:

14 beds are assigned to each of two inpatient teaching teams. Once a patient has been discharged from a teaching team, a new patient will be assigned to that room and will be admitted by the teaching team residents. If the new patient is assigned during day shift (7a-5p) the day team will do the admission. If the new patient is assigned during night shift (5p-7a) the night team, consisting of a PGY1 and PGY3, will do the admission.