Oct 31

Wellness Challenge!

November Wellness Challenge

Scavenger Hunt


  • 1) List 5 Swaddle Team Members. Obtain signatures from 3 of them. Hint there are 3 in Internal Medicine J
  • 2) Remember our first wellness sprinkle? Each of your house members will need to write down one thing for which they are grateful. Turn them all in.
  • 3) Have 75% of your house participate in one local volunteer activity in the community. For proof, you can take a pictures of the activities as you do them. Example: Martha’s Clinic
  • 4) Take a picture of your house going out together as a group. Must have 75% of your house present to obtain credit.
  • 5) Our last wellness sprinkle was over building trust. Have your house list the components of trust as told by Brene Brown. Hint: BRAVING
  • 6) These two residents both won the Golden Apple Award for best student teaching last year. Have one representative of your house must get a selfie with these residents in order to earn the credit.
  • 7) This resident won the Intern of the Year last year. Have one representative of your house take a selfie with this resident to earn credit for this one.
  • 8) Take a picture of your house working out in the resident gym located in the hospital. 75% of your house must be present to earn this credit.
  • 9) Each member must perform on Random Act of Kindness. Please take a picture of your act of kindness to earn credit. Example: If you are in line at Whataburger and pay for the person’s food behind you, take a pic of the receipt or turn it in to earn the credit.
  • 10) Football Season! Have everyone in your house wear their favorite football team’s paraphernalia. Must have 75% of your house in a picture to earn the credit.
  • 11) Get a picture of your house team leaders with your Game of Thrones house sigil J
  • 12) List 5 interesting facts about the nursing staff that are supporting your team. This can be with the nurses who are working with you all wherever you are (wards, clinic, etc…) 75% of your house must collect this data to earn credit. (each person has 5 facts from our nurses)
  • 13) This program administrator is known for making their own homemade candles. To earn credit, have one representative of your house get a selfie with this person.
  • 14) Take a picture of your house all standing by lake at the VA. To earn credit, you must have 75% of your house present.

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  1. Yasmeen Hashimie

    9-10 people counts as 75% of your house – Chiefs

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